Dr. Homero Rodríguez Zentner

Dr. Rodriguez graduated in Medicine at Nueva Granada Military University in Santa Fe de Bogota (2000), he studied a major in General Surgery at Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid Metropolitan Hospital Center (2003-2007), a major in colon and rectum surgery (Coloproctology) at Salvador Zubiran Medical Science and Nutrition Institute, Mexico D.F. (2009-2011) and gastrointestinal motility at the World Gastroenterology Organization Training Center (2011).

He is a staff member of Punta Pacifica Hospital, Paitilla Medical Center and National Hospital. He has been the Teaching Head of General Surgery Service of Caja de Seguro Social and member of the Scientific Committee of Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid Hospital Center (2009-2012), Associate Professor of Surgery (Ad Honorem) at Panama National University and Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT, in Spanish). He is member of 8 national and international medical associations, he has presented more than 50 essays and lectures in national and international forums, he has written 17 indexed articles in medical journals, 12 chapters in books, and one book.